by Okkotonushi

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sinn This entire album is my everything Favorite track: Shimmer.
Matthew Diniz
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Matthew Diniz Chaotic, reminiscent of old TFOT, incredible energy Favorite track: Forchids.
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M.C. Amazing evolution from their debut. It's seriously a journey you have to experience in one go. Favorite track: Shimmer.
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Sleep/Talk is an aural interpretation of a dreamers journey through a single nights worth of sleep from a first person perspective. We have attempted to exemplify the horror and beauty contained within the natural cycles, patterns, and processes of the sub-conscious mind.
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released March 8, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Scott at Zombie Life Studios in Joplin, MO.

Okkotonushi is:
Trae Coker-Guitar, Vocals
Iain Ewing-Vocals
Garret Ormsby-Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Smith-Drums, Vocals



all rights reserved


Okkoto Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Forchids
Why did we say what we said when we didn't mean it?
Why did we say anything?

What size of thoughts had you ought to be
wearing as we
undress, undress, undress your mind?
I run back through the fat you chewed with me
Trying and trying, but I can't understand

I caught you running through the marigolds
said you've been wandering about the world below the Earth
Said I know moles willing to lease their burrows
I watched you shrink down to a grain of sand,
or rather, smaller than

I was told that I could grow into anything that I wanted to
So I morphed into a cosmic bird and
Flew the universe enslaving everything in space and time

Not the best decision I've made in my life
But I was young, and tired of falling in line

Our game of
Words Trickle
Like black water

Problems in communication
Twist our tongues and leave us nowhere

Words were made by men
Now we're slaves to them

If words were fire
Then we're in the furnace
We try not to speak
It still tries to burn us
Burn our thoughts
We'll never be able to talk about it

These dots form these lines form these letters
And they'll only get us so far, they'll only get you so far
These paragraphs and phrases hold little to no persuasion
And they'll only get you so far, or they will get us nowhere at all
You can only feel as far as your vocabulary will allow
So your not allowed to ever be able to talk about it

You started talking to me, wound up gears in plastic
Chattering teeth and now I'm lost in this conversation

The creator in us thrives only at the suffering of the creature in us
We caught a thought, we clipped it's wings
Long live lack of expression,
Lock your thoughts away with your finest possesions
Long live us the creators
Lock away the creature to pass the time away
Because there's no other option

What size of thoughts had you ought to be
wearing as we
undress, undress, undress your mind?
I run back through the fat you chewed with me
Trying and trying, but I can't understand

Your mouth was running like the marigolds
Said you've been wondering about the world below the earth
Said I know moles looking to lease their burrows
The look on your face is screaming 1 thing, 5 words, 18 letters
That's not what I meant..

I can't understand

You were drunk and napping in the marigolds
Said you've been questioning the marksmanship of universal karma
Said I know bows willing to spare their arrows
I watched you split in two
Right down the middle!

Problems in communication
Spill our lungs and leave us nowhere
Problems in communication
Twist our tongues and leave us
Track Name: Shimmer
I don’t know what I said
It went something like this
A burning itch down in my feet it shot up to my chest
I felt it fill my lungs
Made it's way out to my tongue
And by the time it left my mouth my gums were housing liquid bone

I know I’ve got a home, I know I’m not alone,
It’s just that I don’t know where it is or if I can go.
I tried to do the math; tried to calculate the path.
But the equation for a home is rotten wood and broken glass.

Please just stay tonight. Yes, I know we’ll fight,
It’s just that if you go then I know I won’t be alright.
But if you leave instead, then I’ll lie here in bed
and sleep until I dream of being dead.

Something important
Happens to you every day,
But you can’t see it.
You’re blind
And you’re shrouded.
Nothing is perfect,
But you surround yourself with failures

I can’t stand myself.
My ears bleed
When you’re near me.
I can’t hear you;
Can’t hear myself think.
I can’t feel you under my skin
I just feel
Your sediments
Slowly trickle in.

I won’t go outside,
I won’t go outside
Since you stole from me.
Since you stole my will,
Since you stole my will
I have nothing left.
I now have nothing,
I now have nothing left
For you to take from me.
I now have nothing left.
I won’t go outside.
I won’t go out.
Track Name: Utterances
I've grown to used to an empty bed and I think that I've started growing fond
I've got no endless nights of concentrated passion streaming me along
And I don't mind that
No I can't find that reason beaming,
seeming to grow only slowly brighter till it's dead
And this is always how it ends
We can't even decently concede about these little things let alone still be friends
Until your heart mends
And then we'll say it never mattered
Though you were shattered, tattered,
climbing broken ladders heading nowhere,
Only up so you could jump and land,
Break your legs and fail to stand up again
But that's life for a nine to five kind of lifestyle
Living if you'd call it living swept into a pile
And emptied out into your file
They've got their thumbs pressed against you
They'll turn all your friends against you!
So if you don't ever want to sever these connections I suggest on turning back now
Before you have those friends to spare
Never let them know you care
Because if you do and then you lose then what the hell have you got left except despair?

And that won't get you anywhere
At least not far enough away from here
Track Name: Spindles
No longer surrounded by this vessel,
We are finally—
We are finally free.

I have not a destination when I die
But this vessel of mine
Just won’t survive
This violation of time
So I guess that I
Will just have to find
What’s going on beyond this sky
And what’s got us all so horrified.
Track Name: Harahan
Dreams are real life ; life's a night..
Where is she when she's not by my side?
Where is she, well she's not..
Dreams are real life ; life's a nightmare
Dreams are real like life's a nightmare
Dreams are real life ; life's a nightmare

And I'm sick of feeling sick
Every time I feel an empty spot in my bed
That place where she'd rest her head on my chest while I'm asleep
And she isn't even there!
Then why can I still feel her hair
Draped around my neck and the scent drifting up from my chest?

And I don't ever want to feel a woman's head against my chest unless
I can feel the feeling that I felt in that dream that I dreamt
Why do I find myself trying to find the time to lie down and rest my eyes
Because I can not find satisfaction in this life
Why do I find myself trying to find the time to lie down and rest my eyes
Because I aspire to find,
Aspire to find that absolution
And I know that it's just an illusion
But ignorance is bliss and as long as I'm unconcious
I'm convinced that this, THIS, is the real thing

You're like a light from the sky inside my mind
That I can't seem to find in waking life
You're like the light that shines bright each night
Behind my eyes in a different light
It's like you found a door on the back of my head
And inside you found a bed
And still you chose to lie there alone each night
But if I could find some way to crawl inside my head
I'd be sure that I'd lie there with you instead
Of having to fight this night life fight each night
Becuase I've been waiting to fall asleep each day
For much longer than you'd want me to explain
But I still remember, but I can't remember you
It's when I can't fall asleep at night
That's when I fight the night life fight
Because I can't remember ever remembering you
Track Name: Circles
I spend my nights alone with shapes
The squares stay up much too late
Sayin, "What if we were circles?
Now wouldn't that be great!"
And the circle says,
"See that's the thing,
Not even I am ever satisfied!"
But the circle couldn't prove a point
Not even if he tried
And the triangles they don't talk much
Out of fear of being rude
So they just nod to certain comments
Like it's what they're forced to do
And when this night of ours exhausts
By the time our dialogue is through
We realize we're flat and boring man
We just wish we all were cubes

And I'm a long ways from home

The walls are speaking
Their heavy breathing
Is always keeping me awake when I'm sleeping
And the floors fall apart
The beating of it's heart
Will stop and then start
And the walls call this art
See the walls and the floor
Are always at war
Which just causes more
Between the ceiling and doors
And the windows get caught
In the crossfire of shots
From the battles they've fought
So the wood starts to rot
Now they're all dieing or dead
They just lie there instead
Of rocking my bed
Or pounding my head
And the silence is nice
But to my own surprise
This room without nightlife
Just won't suffice
But that's life

Life, when you're a long ways from home
And I'm a long ways from home

I clawed grit with grodey fingernails
I sawed limbs with just dull shoulder blades
Mistook my rusty spade for my trusty spade
But it dug the earth all the same

We'll find we are all the same
And to the shape shifter goes the spoils for he blends
So well

Since I turned twenty I've been rotting in my body cage
Hiding and discussing all the fuss I find in nowadays
The circle says well boy there's gotta be a better way
But there is no better way
There is no better way
And these talks alone they will elude like the lucid dream
Where polygons and anthropoids can live in geometric harmony

The patterns in my brainwaves keep me warm when there is no solid flesh to fill my empty sheets
I wake up rotten in my body cage
Track Name: Sleep
Has it come?
Far from- as if as from a dream.
We lie, heavy to our right, an anchor on a callous.
My eyes are ever-open, one-ways, cast in turn of breeze’s wake.
When was I here last?
This place is familiar.
What did I lose here?
I trace in curtains of a wasted day.
We hold quaint, but has it come?
Stead-wise, has it come again?
Riddles, spells, and anecdotes.
We hold quaint, but at what means?
What did I lose here?
The river flashes fingers wrapping ribbon.
My skin peels back; callous or blister?
Naked nerves bleed out.
When was I here last?
What did I lose here?
Has it come at last.
Track Name: Talk
Close your eyes
And watch very closely

And when your mind finally cracks at first you will perceive it as a trick
But you just can't wrap your head around it
Let alone be the soul who figures it out
And in the pursuit of acquired tastes
And with this new found food for thought
For the first time in your life you will swallow all of your doubt
You'll find all of your worries are running off now
As if you never even had them
You've got your reasons to want to see new seasons that you've been cursed to never fathom
And in that very void
Shining through that crack in our condition
I say, choose to stay

Choose to stay
Because either way you're going to wake up on one of those
Days that tastes like sugar
To climb atop the highest mountain grandeur
Peaking just past the perfect purple pasture
And with the tree-kottiest of kings you will dance and sing
Until you find time can slow no faster
I think I'm FREAKING OUT, you think out loud
Just before passing out from laughter
And from whoever's mouth the wind blows they shall bless you gently with a kiss
And now you believe for you have seen a place as such does still exist
Untouched and unadultered
From the wicked man's contempt
And we are Gods upon this ground
Least you not forget

Choose to stay, I choose to say
Because whether you would like it or not
You're going to have one of those days that tastes
Just like orange juice and dirty socks
Various little monsters made of grass biting at your ankles from the rocks
And painting portraits of mortal young
To the chainsaw songs of mountain wasps
And don't you think just because they've never before laid eyes on mankind
That they will threatened because well...
They won't
And why should they?

But they don't care to know your flesh
Still you find your stomach is slightly somersaulted
As your digestive tract becomes elastic
Through gymnastics, in accordance
All it takes is reminiscing
You can plug your nose but you can't escape
The all pervading scent
Of morsel molded hash browns and caps and gowns

And that there's a thought that you had
Really ought not to ponder much,
Says the brain
But it's too late, and you find yourself coughing up your lunch
And as your spitting out your rotten guts
You unswallow your soul
And as it's projected out you see yourself kneeling in the black and nasty grassy knoll
Without your soul

(It's here you come to realize that empty vehicle, if you will, was never really you at all)

And besides,
That old you there is made of glass frail and hollow
Like the friend you never really loved
And your soul no longer holds and pity for such persons
As you reign down upon your body from above
And perhaps it's the fear of being bathed
In a puddle of your own wish-wash
That has you hold the old you down in the creek bed
Like the gripping hands of a wristwatch
Quite naturally you would embrace such self-destruction
But rather, much to your surprise
That old you doesn't even struggle
As the life begins fleeting from your eyes
At first it's bright
And then it's blue
And then it's grey
And then it's cold
And then it's gone
Back to wherever it is I guess we all came from..

On a further look inside you'll find that side of you the day it died
Was at your very best contrived
Conjuring dogs upon the mountain side
Should you find your head is heavy and unstable
No longer able to contain the vast expanses of your mind
Choose to stay
There's something wonderful coming your way

We have always been here only hidden in song
Now rather vivid with the lenses on
And darling I know, and maybe I've always knew it but
They say it's all fixed but you can't fix fluid!
So I sift through sweet seductions of grammar
In search of a proper phrase
But find all my words fail me in those moment of clarity but
Clarity soon makes it's escape, and as do I!

Now that we've got you talking
It wasn't all for nothing
We heard what you were thinking
Before you started speaking out loud
Track Name: Breathe On
Learning to walk;
Learning to talk.
Learning to feel;
Learning to think for yourself.
Whether you like it or not,
You’re growing up.

What have you done to yourself?
What has come over you?
Taking back everything you’ve said.
You’re getting older.
You’re growing old.
You’re growing cold.

Collect possessions and die
Is not the point of life.

We came here with nothing and we should leave here with nothing.

We all belong to the constants of nothing.
We came here with nothing and we should leave here with nothing.

My only ghost dwells inside of me;
It is my soul.