Live Improv 2011

by Okkoto

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Another round of Live Improv Demos for 2011. Frequently updated, always free downloads.


released February 9, 2011

Coker-Fingers (6)
Ormsby-Fingers (4)
Smith-"hit, boom, hit"



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Okkoto Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Minutes Harahan
I'm sick of feeling sick every time I feel that empty spot in my bed, that place where she'd rest her head on my chest while I'm asleep. But she ISN'T EVEN THERE! Then why can can I still feel her hair draped around my neck, and the scent drifting up from my chest?
Well, I don't ever want to feel a woman's head against my chest unless I feel the feeling that I felt in that dream that I dreamt. Why do I find myself trying to find the time to lie down and rest my eyes? Because I can't find satisfaction in this life. Because I aspire to find that absolution. And I know that it's just and illusion, but ignorance is bliss, and as long as I'm unconscious, I'm convinced that this, THIS is the real thing.
Track Name: What If We Were Circles? *Live*
I spend my nights alone with shapes
The squares stay up much too late
Saying, "What if we were circles? Now wouldn't that be great!"
And the circle says, "See that's the thing, not even I am ever satisfied!"
But the cricle couldn't prove a "point", not even if he tried
And the triangles they don't talk much
Out of fear of being rude
So they just nod to certain comments like it's what they're forced to do
And when this night of ours exhausts, by the time our dialouge is through
We realize we're flat and boring man, we just wish we all were cubes

And I'm a long ways from home!

The walls are speaking
Their heavy breathing is always keeping me awake when I'm sleeping
The floors fall apart
The beating of its heart will stop and then start, and the walls call this art
See, the walls and the floor are always at war,
Which just causes more between the ceiling and doors
And the windows get caught in the crossfire of shots from the battles they fought,
so the wood starts to rot
Now they're all dying or dead
They just lie there instead of rocking my bed or pounding my head
O, and the silence is nice, but to my own surprise,
This room without night-life just won't suffice, but that's life

Life, when you're a long ways from home!